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Our Mission

Our mission is to motivate student-athletes to develop a strong work ethic and acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to become the best athlete they can be, all while enjoying their training sessions with Taurean Henderson's Focused Footwork.

About Tauren Henderson

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Tauren Henderson

Retired Professional Athlete 

Taurean Henderson, a Gatesville, Texas native and standout football player, set numerous college football records while at Texas Tech, including 302 receptions, 414 career points, and 69 touchdowns. He played for the Minnesota Vikings, Atlanta Falcons, and Rhien Fire of the NFLE before retiring, known for his versatility, dependability, and strong work ethic. Henderson is now an active member of his community, coaching and mentoring the next generation of football players.


  • Texas Tech University

  • Minnesota Vikings

  • Atlanta Falcons

  • Rhien Fire – NFLE

Texas Tech Football Records

  • Receptions – 302

  • Career Points – 414

  • Touchdowns – 69

  • Most TDs in a single game 5

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